5th January 2018

Scandal, between the covers

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Scandal! What’s not to love. Keeps the after-supper TV going, fuels a whole rack of particular magazines (People…), inspires the talking heads to continue talking on the radio. And what if there was a book? Released early to counter the possible lawsuits of the main protagonist? Today, an inside look at the first few months of life in the White House hit the shelves, and Washington is going crazy.

I’m only 10% of the way through, but the scuttlebutt is wonderful. All those names and faces from the last few months of the journalistic harvest; they’re so quirky. As one analogy offered, this is a real life version of the movie The Producers (original or remake, it doesn’t matter). A madcap gang of amateurs (albeit very wealthy ones) that didn’t plan for what actually happened. What, I’m the president?

I’ll continue reading, but this is so much better than an interview on cable TV.

Meanwhile, we (meaning here at home) survived the #weatherbomb without incident. Other than the rain collector swinging around on its mounting post, no visible effect. The snow is gone, for now. All of the trees are standing. Our power loss could be counted in seconds, which cost nothing in propane fees. I’m not even done with my storm chips.

The temperature is going to drop down into double digit cold (it hit almost 7C overnight, hence the snow melt), so I’m keeping my socks and boots close at hand. Might have to go and rescue the dog, should he decide to circle the bird feeder a few times with his security line.

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