25th February 2017

Know the season

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Watching the dog slide sideways, up onto the sidewalk was proof; clearly, what you can’t see can affect you. More freezing rain overnight served to cut the electricity for many and turn the roads and walking spaces into an obstacle course.

After checking inventories, I brought the dog out to buy strings. New strings, because with a new guitar there is a good chance of breaking one along the way as I master alternate tunings. My dog tends to develop “shaky leg” in stressful moments. When the store guy mentioned it, I explained that my metronome was on the end of a leash.

With no reason to wander more, we returned to the room for a quiet afternoon, while the significant other went shopping. We had more to do today. By evening, we headed off to a birthday gathering in an older brewpub. Not my comfort zone, and too many strangers. The dog and I decided to beat a retreat, back along icy roads in the dark. Again, no falls recorded.

It’s good for me to see my kids in their own world. Feedback that my job is done, and that from this point forward I have a more ceremonial role. They’ll visit, but we’ve moved the script forward to the next chapter. As it should be… to everything a season.

Now to get busy on MY next chapter. Had a dream about the workplace. I’m not going back there, either. Not my place. It’s important to know the season, and to “dress appropriately”.

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