6th February 2017

Dead broke

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I pay taxes (unlike someone rich and famous). Not huge amounts, but sufficient that I have to file paperwork each year to get the excess returned to me (to be spent as quickly as possible). Anyhow, for years now I’ve purchased software on a convenient CD and made sure to meet my deadlines.

Anyhow, I received an information request (from a sibling) about whether or not I would trust online filing. Never thought much about it, really. I may have to. My dealer (it sounds like a bad drug deal) in taxation software is quickly moving away from supplied media. Pay up front, download the blob, carry on. Or, for the really brave, simply file your tax information into your browser and the cloud. Sit back and wait for the CRA to respond.

Checked the retail side of the industry, and I can still get that plastic disk, for now; I’m using Windows. Mac fans are being pushed over the edge. I can actually file a single return, for free, or pay $20 for eight names. I no longer have eight names that have supporting paperwork (is that why my tax burden seemed so heavy, over the years). I’ll take a look at what is still in the retail stream, next visit to the box store district in the city, but I have to accept that from here on, I’m getting less and less for my money (which is also in that less and less mode). A friend suggested that one should aim to die “dead broke”. Seems like a possibility.


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