7th February 2017

I must not take political rhetoric seriously

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I must not take political rhetoric seriously. I must not take political rhetoric seriously. If ever I do something unforeseen, like getting a  tattoo… please, make sure that’s what my new ink says.

After watching one of the aspirants to leadership for a political party, on my local news this evening, I can affirm that I will not be “joining” their team. Ditto for the larger elephant in the room (our southern neighbour). The choice of a new education secretary today by a historic “the VP voted to break the tie” situation is more proof of what happens when the wheels on the bus aren’t round anymore. I must not take political rhetoric seriously.

Well, since politics just depress me, I’m going to pay attention to the weather forecasts and dog videos.

We may be in for some freezing rain, followed by a blizzard. Now that’s potentially exciting. I didn’t go all “buy groceries in excess of needs”, yet; the freezer has enough stuff to get me through a short term crisis. Pizza and ice cream.

I watched a short documentary on train travel in the Swiss Alps, this afternoon. Those folks have things figured out. Clean, fast service, on a timetable. Over (through) mountains, to boot. In this part of the world, we’re pleased when the train isn’t a day late… And forget the clean, fast service. Also, reasonable cost. Checked some fares with my sister last evening; for the same route, airplanes come in at one-third the price. Something really wrong with this scenario.

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