8th February 2017

Trying various flavours of audio Pi

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Remember that time when the president had members of the press gallery scrambling? No, not for the usual reason; they needed access to the “urban dictionary”, to see if the Rosetta Stone to presidential chatter might lie therein. It didn’t, of course.

Remember that time when the president went all nasty about a retail firm that decided to drop a product line? No, nothing big; his daughter dreams of riches beyond compare in selling rags. We won’t, by tomorrow. There seems to be a new and mysterious tack to his sail, every new day. When the time comes to write a presidential history, there won’t be a precedent to fall back upon.

Meanwhile, I’ve been playing “write and reboot” with a Raspberry Pi project. This time around, a media player (I want to see if Internet Radio is as cool as it sounds). My first effort, this afternoon, followed the recipe for M00de. It works. I could probably stop at this point and call my test conclusive, but that would take the challenge away. Instead, I’m now investigating Volumio, which seems to load, allow configuration and then hang on reboot. Without giving away the conclusion (because I don’t foretell the future), I see this test going on to the third choice on my list. Something called RuneAudio.

All three projects are the forks of an older effort, so I expect my final choice to be tightly tied to the user interface. The whole “do it again” process is just to kill time (until the next snowstorm begins).


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