12th February 2018

Medals, galore!

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Look at all those medals! I (made the mistake) of turning on notifications from Twitter and elsewhere; the iPad dings like an out-of-control teletype machine. Again, look at all those medals! Not just Canada, but we know where the heart lies.

Outside, we’re going through rapid melt/freeze cycles. I took the opportunity to go into Souris (where flowers are on sale, no matter the season), and didn’t fall. Not even once. So many parking areas, laid down on a slope and now serving as unexpected launching ramps for the careless pedestrian. Why, we could hold a local Games for that event alone.

Even the roads require more than “due care and attention” since the province refrains from salting anything east of the Red Point park corner. I guess they figure folks up here are hearty and able to navigate a slalom without warning. Going to freeze, hard, tonight. I cleared some of the slicker areas close to the doors, because the dog is really tired of falling over.

In the latest move to privatize the world, the Trump administration announced it would like to see the ISS (International Space Station) move out of the NASA family and into the hands of an interested company. I’m confused. Don’t companies, by design, try to make a profit. How do you turn a financial “black hole” into something a canny investor would like? Can we bring this idea in front of the Dragons, who have a collective nose for what will work in business (and a keener one for silly crap).

My family tree database passed the 74K mark this evening.

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