13th February 2018

Are their blades made of fire?

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The next Winter Olympics will be held in China, making three sets of Games in a row to be contested in East Asia. I mention this, only because I think I’m getting the hang of watching stuff taking place fourteen hours before now. If you think time travel is baffling, try watching people spinning in the sky, as the sun goes down (and here, we’re awaiting sunrise). Anyhow…

I got up with the dog this morning (he watches for the inevitable invasion of wolves), and instead we watched that new sport. Mixed doubles curling. This was the last opportunity, as the Gold game was now, even before morning coffee. Kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris did the right thing and won. Didn’t even require the allotted time (as I figured out when someone initialed an official document and smiles went turbo, even as the clock ticked merrily along). With that medal in the proverbial pocket, we (the nation) can sit back in our Olympic armchairs and wait for “real” curling to start. This evening, I think. Or tomorrow, early. Perhaps I need a better clock.

TV coverage reveals lots of fun facts. Why was the man spraying the speed skating oval with a fire extinguisher? Do they really go that fast? Yes, son, the blades are “chariots of fire”! Actually, it’s an approved method of “fixing a crack in the ice” after collisions at high speed. I did not know that, before today.

There was also a high speed accident involving a luge. Not exactly a collision; more of an oversteer by the young American, and she walked away from her mishap, despite the absence of seat belts on her sled.

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