28th December 2017

Sit while the world rolls by

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A succinct summary of the day: the car started, so we drove until dark. What else can I add? We had a destination, and we arrived in the allotted time period.

Actually, with close to ten hours in my warmed seat, I didn’t need to worry about the “cold snap”. From time to time, a road sign revealed my location. We had no “close calls”. The speed signs were just a suggestion. Even our quick meal stop, in Cornwall, left me unmarked (hot chicken sandwiches are benign).

We’ve checked into a motel in a part of the city that serves as asectir for motels and truck rentals; I don’t need a truck, but a bed, inside, is welcome. We have wifi and cable. Tomorrow we’ll aspire to greater things.

I’m finding it difficult to think of anything else of note. Hold on. I’ll go and catch up on world news…

Well, there is one article about “the most annoying car alarm”. Very subjective, but I wonder if people actually audition their system before purchase and installation. Or doorbells. Our dog has classified anything heard in a TV show or commercial as “very different” or “identical to the one at home. Obviously , he answers our’s with a round of barking. We don’t have a car system, so I can’t add anything there.

Right now, he has noted the arrival of people in a neighbouring unit… no bell needed in this case to start the bark reflex. I’ll spend a few minutes restoring calm before getting on with other things.

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