10th November 2017

When a front rolls by

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Observing weather is an exercise in mathematics. Sure, most of us know that “it” is colder or warmer than at a previous point in time. We also recognize when rain falls. How about if we use a graphic to make the correlation clearer. This is data from this afternoon, just outside my kitchen.

When the information is stacked, it is clear that the passage of a cold front comes with some effects. The temperature dropped. Air pressure bottomed out and started to climb. The wind dropped and changed direction. The rain intensified.

Classic weather, based on what I learned in my met classes so long ago. Thanks, Norm (“VisbyVerbal”).

There were flurries in Summerside, so tomorrow (wind willing), my snow tires are going on. They’re stacked by the door, where I will have a problem to ignore them.

Life isn’t all about the weather, though. The news has decided to report on a phenomenon known to anyone who has tried to purchase tickets online to a “show”. The good tickets are gone, often within the first minute. Doesn’t make sense that thousands of buyers are so much better at entering their payment data before you. Turns out, you’ve been gamed.

The scalper has this one sewn up. Special software. Special deals with the original ticket supplier. All in place to assure that a few profit, and the rest of us settle for crumbs. (or random seats). There seems to be a difficulty with stopping this antisocial activity, and it has to do with the diversity of laws in a world where jurisdiction trumps reality.


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