11th November 2017

Chasing the ball back and forth

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Too cold. Too windy. The tires will have to wait until a more clement moment.

My attention was elsewhere, anyhow. Today was a “big game day” in university football. The Dunsmore Cup, putting ULaval and UMontreal in the same enclosed space to fight a glorious battle. I would have loved to watch the game, but with all those channels on the satellite TV, nothing. Come on folks; shouldn’t have to wait until the national championship game to see the national champions play.

I was committed to an afternoon of refreshing my twitter feed, imagining motion from a few characters of text. And then, a flash of brilliance. Or more correctly, a flashback. What about “college radio”. It still exists. And online to boot. Didn’t take long to find a live feed from the team at CISM-FM and their excellent… let me repeat that, excellent… play-by-play by Paul Therrien and Philippe Asselin. Your effort was perhaps some of the best announcing of a sports match I’ve heard, ever!

For better than two hours, seated in my basement, I followed the ball up and down the field. The match was not decided until the last seconds, as it should be. I’ve come away with a new appreciation of the powers of description when it comes to football for those who can’t be there.

Yes, ULaval won (25-22), but the game could have gone either way. Now to remain patient for another couple of weeks (and games) and the hope that the Vanier Cup will be important enough to get some TV time. I’d like to see some of the contact…

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