12th November 2017

The skill set remains a constant

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Almost forty years ago, I changed a flat tire. Managed to avoid the task between then and today. Technically, the four this morning weren’t flats, but the skill set remains a constant. As does the technology.

Yes, the weather moderated. Sun, flat calm. No pressure to go anywhere. Sure beats doing the job along the side of a major highway, for example. And with that job complete (and a hot coffee inhaled), I drove across the way to see the guy that clears snow. All set for winter now!

Out back, the field has been plowed. Some sort of a seasonal thing, I suppose. Can’t see them sowing this close to snows. Although, what do I know. Maybe this is a warning that next year the field will be productive, and I’ll get to guess at a whole other set of what are routine tasks for a farmer. So much to learn!

We dug deep into the freezer today, and I’ve had a feed of cabbage rolls. Must be almost a year since the last time. Definitely nourishing, and another meal designed for the onset of winter. I know; frozen is cheating. I should be preparing my own from scratch. Probably wouldn’t taste any better than the M&M version though. Give the company credit; when it comes to large trays of frozen product, they’ve got it figured out. Little matter that (due to the size of the tray) I’ll be having the same thing for several meals in a row. I’d go through the same (heartburn) if I did manage to convert a cabbage into food.


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