13th November 2017

Now, on camera

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A special thanks to the people over at NS Webcams. The place that you can go to see Peggy’s Cove in a snowstorm. Or watch the tides rise and fall in one of the many pittoresque harbours that dot the shore of the Fundy. And now there’s more…

In response, perhaps, to that commercial for a particular brand of rum, where Buddy has to work his way through a giant donair, you can now spend the evening watching the “Donair Cam“. Think of this as a preparation for the inevitable, when you drive east to feed the kids at the corner (your kids, not those kids). A food pilgrimage.

I make a great sauce, in passing. The meat (it is meat, I swear) can be prepared at home, if you are willing to regrind some ground round, filling the whole lump out with some breadcrumbs and the majority of the spices on your second shelf. Get some pita, slice some of the meat (no, really, it is), heat everything up in a pan and backfill with some tomatoes and onions. Sauce it up. Chow down. Here’s a pic to give you a goal. Now, put aside your prejudices.

Should you not make it as far as Halifax, there are places throughout the Maritimes that do their best. Not ready to give a grade of A, but in a jam. Look for a Greco. Happily, the sauce is also on the shelves (not literally; in containers) in certain food markets (again, in the Maritimes). Plan your vacation.



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