9th November 2017

Broken sensors

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Please, don’t look to the government for financial largesse – at least not at the level of the “little people”. Today, changes to the program for parental leave were announced. You can now draw benefits for an additional. Wait, let me use their terminology:

“promise to spread 12 months’ worth of benefits over 18 months’. There you are, an election promise kept. The catch is that the total amount of benefit money remains identical. You just get the cheques over a longer period. In simple math, the cheques will be little for longer. Unlike babies.

Up at the other end of the Island, official temperature readings are unavailable. Have been for days, will be for more. Unlike airports, where extra parts are kept on hand, this is weather for the common man. And the repair people can’t get there, because (we don’t know the because). Those interested can simply extrapolate from the temperatures noted in other nearby sites. Like Moncton, or Charlottetown.

I take this personally; when my weather station had a humidity sensor go broke, I got on the phone and ordered another one. Even with the cross-border shipment, it was just a matter of days. How come the climate keepers can’t be as proactive. Puts a serious hole in their historical records (unless you fill in with readings from elsewhere?)

The forecast has mentioned flurries, soon, so I guess I’d better find my boots. Or stay inside for six months. Choices. Besides, it doesn’t get that cold on the feet when snow comes. Ask the dog.

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