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10th October 2017

Against an intelligent adversary, he’s hopeless

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Had our first visit from a raccoon, last evening. I’m not sure if it “means” anything, but I’m worried. Unlike the coyotes that wander through, or the squirrels that are here for the seeds, the proverbial bandit of the woods is an unknown quantity. Will he sneak in if we lower our guard? The dog was on guard, but against an intelligent adversary, he’s hopeless. Offer the dog one of his own biscuits and profit from the distraction. We had the beast in the beam of my best flashlight, and he preened!

Can’t be distracted by what goes on outdoors. This morning, I found the instructions for the kitchen range and then put the rest of the day into cleaning the ovens. Apparently you can only do one at a time, and then things have to cool down. Follow that up with some careful window polishing and replace the racks. I did a good job (sometimes one must pat one’s own back, etc.)

Right now, I have more tomatoes than ever before. On the counter. On the windows. On the tabletop. I’ve taken to snacking on half-fruits with a salt dusting. Delicious, probably very healthy. In some ways, a better choice than black beans or summer squash.

Our box of coffee beans came in the mail. We were down to the last cupful in the grinder, so that’s very good news. We’re safe against any emergency, now. That includes assault from raccoons, I hope. If one come in, I’ll offer a quick espresso and see what happens when a beast gets wired.


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