11th October 2017

Checkmark on my progress chart

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Here’s a challenge. Write about what you did today when you did, essentially, nothing. In my case, the only checkmark on the progress chart is that I intercepted the UPS man before the dog could go all neurotic on him. For the record, the parcel contained a battery to recharge a cellphone. Since I don’t use one of those (either the battery or the phone), it qualifies as a “good deed”.

There are bound to be days like that (this). Not a vacation day, because then I’d be all concerned that I wasn’t profiting from my time where’er. No, this was me, at home, in one of those situations where nothing is required and nothing is accomplished. Life in the retired zone. If I still worked, I’d go home all happy about how some days are easier than others. Now, I’m just home.

Best check the news. Except that there’s an absence of content on all the channels, other than some whacked out story about how a rich producer in Hollywood was a serial predator and everyone knew about it and nobody said anything. If it sound like a plot for a movie-of-the-week, remember to include my share of the profits in an easily deposited cheque. Keep in touch, so that I can forward my coordinates.

There was one good advertisement (a satire, actually) trying to find a reason for NB tourism. Trees. That’s the joke, or the punch, or the reality. Hey, world, we also have trees. Not as many, but we’ve got them in the darnedest places. Like the forest…


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