12th October 2017

Up a back road

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I could have gone and got vaccinated, but I didn’t. Decided that with a prior engagement (this evening), I’d postpone the pain and suffering until tomorrow. Or next week. Eventually. I’ll get it done, OK?

An offer has been tabled; the possibility of adding a second vehicle to the parking lot. I’m unsure. We don’t own the first one, yet, and anything used will come with the eventuality of repairs on our dime. In an emergency, there’s ambulance service (who wants to drive in a personal medical situation?) I just have to avoid “danger”.

Had my community group meeting this evening, where the financial sheet showed that we are no longer “indebted”. That’s really cool, when you consider that a non-profit organization can be responsible and solvent in a part of the country where money can be scarce. Thank you, tourists of the world!

Time to get some snack food on the table; there’s an open bag of potato sticks that will get soggy if ignored. Can’t have that, can we? I’m working through a large bowl of tiny tomatoes, but my body cries out for something that isn’t quite as healthy.

After reading about ongoing archeology in Louisbourg, I went for a virtual drive. Up a back road that leads to an abandoned cemetery. My virtual transporter didn’t let me get out and wander around, but that’s what real tourism is all about. Haven’t been to that part of CB in years; we should go, as soon as the dog is “out of sight, out of mind”.




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