9th October 2017

And for that I give thanks

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The supper is over, the dishes are done; for that and so much more I give thanks.

This is a holiday weekend, up here in Canada. The last moment of repose, for many, before the theatrics of December. I could have gone all “involved” and did the outdoors up for winter. Raked leaves, except that with conifers that isn’t an issue. We now have a new oak sapling to fit into a hole (not yet dug). In future, should the little thing prosper, there will be leaves… I didn’t panic; the temperature is still up in the high teens; tee shirt and barefoot weather. Maybe next week, or the week after, the seasonal inspiration will kick in. For today, just me with my roast beef.

Didn’t want to kill a turkey, or a hen. Not even a squab. We eat fowl often. Instead, I found a properly sized roast (for two people, no haunch is required). It looked like it would taste good, and after a slow roast (all afternoon, in that nifty roast rack I received from Amazon), the flavour and texture were AAA. That’s a beef thing, apparently.

And now, I’m settled into my chair, enjoying a piece of virtual cheese cake. No pumpkin whatever; didn’t want to kill those orange lumps at the end of the lane, until I find the correct arm for subduing a gourd. Seriously, there are pies made of pumpkin? What are they thinking. We have apples (or lemons) for pies. And with my virtual dessert, a real cup of coffee. The end of the beans. Please, let our shipment of more coffee, from away, arrive forthwith!

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