14th September 2017

No, there’s no umbrella

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This morning’s forecast set my day in motion. With beautiful weather inbound, the dog and I went shopping before the school bus parade had even started. I needed soap and extension cords; we were done and back home before my need for coffee had kicked in. How early? Well, the cash registers were closed, and my purchases were checked through by the guy back in building supplies. Small town commerce.

I’ve been anxious to get more than one keyboard into “play”, so with a bit of MIDI wizardry, I put the first pieces of my synth collection out on display. Works, too. Once I get that last cable (coming in the mail), I’ll do the mod to the Korg and we’ll see how everything comes together. Soon.

Learned something interesting from the news media. If a missile is (ever) launched in our direction by someone across the ocean, the neighbour to the south will not be coming to our defence. Blows fifty years of mental security away! Our last few interations of governance didn’t sign “the treaty”. Now, we’re on our own, hoping that the world really loves us and our flag. Will abject politeness be enough? No, seriously though. For as long as I can remember, the various video games put us under a virtual umbrella of MAD. Guess that’s not how things will play out in reality.

The province got word about our next lieutenant-governor. Appointed, but not yet sworn in. The poker parties are at an end, and we’ll be back to concerts in the park.


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