14th March 2017

Dehair the dog

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The report is in, from a family member: that Holi Festival with the rainbow of coloured powders is real. No word on what breathing the dust is like.

Here, we’re waiting for the storm to begin. At this moment, the area around the Bridge is already receiving snow, and it’s just a matter of time before the wind blows everything this way. Mixed snow, sleet, drizzle, freezing rain, rain… the whole shebang. I was outside in shirt sleeves this afternoon. Wonderful time to “dehair” the dog with his wonder brush. Helps any birds who plan to build new nests once spring returns.

Among the “huh??” stories in the newsfeed today (there are stories every day)… a group of volunteers headed south to do cleanup in a community setting were refused entry, after fears that they would be “stealing jobs from American citizens”. No pay is too much pay, apparently. Could someone give the border patrol access to a dictionary, so that the head minion can find out the meaning of “volunteer”? Just sayin’.

As well, there’s going to be a rocket launching site constructed about 150 km away from here. Countdown currently at T-minus 1 year. I’m not sure, but doesn’t that mean that we can see the exhaust flare, once the appropriate altitude is reached? Now, that’s pretty cool!! I’ve watched NASA footage for years (and years). To actually see a bright light against the darkening sky is something to wait for. Should I start my timer (0n the laptop?) The spotting scope is already in place, to assure my place once the crowd arrives.

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