14th February 2017

In the wake of the storm

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The storm did not last through the night. In fact, our lane was cleared before coffee this morning. Nevertheless, we stayed home; the road plows are keeping a single track clear, and the message from the civil authorities was also clear. Stay home. The university, various colleges and the public schools took the advice, as did the government offices. Oh, and us.

My deliveries are on hold until tomorrow. The restaurant called and requested that we postpone supper for another twenty-four hours. The birds were content to have feeders closer to ground level (or was that just the squirrels?).

I’ve had some questions about one of my SDR boxes, so this evening I went back to scratch. Erased the various .ini files which hold networking information. Plugged things in through the USB  interface. Reattached the antenna cable. And, as it should, things worked. I’d like to try some new(er) technology, but don’t have the push to go ahead. Maybe later in the season.

Down south (part of my rationale for keeping a blog is to have a way to go back in time), the national security advisor has resigned, after a round of denials about who he had or hadn’t called. He’s now gone, and there will be another to take his place. Very much a study in how inexperienced governments handle things.

An important question just came up. Do I have documentation of the systems around here? Of course not. How does one keep a record of a system in flux? Better that the next sysop just rebuild from the chaos.

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