13th February 2017

Too old to party?

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Could it be that I’m “too old to party”? After watching this evening’s Marketplace episode, I feel sure that I could never keep up with the pace presented by students on unsupervised school trips. I say that, even with the years of experience I racked up, back in the day.

Let’s be clear. I spent five years living in university residence. We partied, often and hard. I then spent better than a decade of summer school life. We partied, often and hard. Based on the videos from the program this evening, we were minor league players. That’s a good thing, in retrospect. Perhaps we were less wealthy, or much wiser, but the level of “out of control” shown during the documentary was never part of my own past.

This afternoon, while awaiting the arrival of our current storm, I made a quick run to town for birdseed. Yes, emergency supplies are now on hand for our neighbours (the feathered kind). Road conditions had not deteriorated, and I was home within the hour with two sacks of sunflower seeds. And then, I sat and watched the weather arrive.

We went from “looks quiet out there” to “I see nothing out there” in a matter of minutes. The blizzard has been raging for seven hours now; even the dog realizes that he doesn’t need to be out there. Funnily, the birds are still around the feeders. My hope, right now, is that the system will pass before tomorrow evening; I have some things to do. Here’s a before and after, taken by the webcam.


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