12th February 2017

No tentative, please

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I have a a visceral fear of the word “tentative”. It goes hand in hand with my dislike of making reservations. Sure, going on a long trip, or even getting a seat in a local restaurant requires calling and leaving my name, but then to be bound by the weather forecast… to0 much for my insecure nature. We’re waiting on some weather, and depending on how long the wind blows, I might have to reverse some reserves. Not a good time.

Go ahead; ask how I’ve managed to get this far along my personal timeline without planning times and places in advance. Not a big deal, really. Rarely have I been turned away at a door or a table. As for the big moments in my life, I simply accepted the date, as determined by another. I still sleep soundly. Why, even when I was “on the road”, for weeks at a time, the very act of arriving and pitching my tent proved sufficient. Never had to stand in the rain all night (although I slept in a ditch that was filling with water once; another time for that tale).

And so, I’m going to go to bed this evening without the assurance that the roads will be passable for the next few days. In the worst case scenario, I’ll call back and say “Sorry. Do you pick people up?” Put the responsibility into the hands of another, and if I have to stay here for the day/night, I’ll take that as my lot in life.

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