11th February 2017

Snow speculation

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Just me and my shovel. Moving away the snow that fell since the storm ended. With the sun, no wind, proper clothing; winter is not a big deal. That’s why I’m glad that my cleanup is complete, before the next storm arrives tomorrow evening. One shouldn’t listen to rumours, but the computer model with the biggest numbers calls for fifty more centimeters. Speculation.

I noticed that the first Dirty Harry movie was released forty-six years ago. As the clock ticks, the great man still has time to knock off a remake. We could learn if the guy with the shotgun feels lucky, at least.

What else is going on? Well, there are some constant forces at work. Any time I’m bored, I just have to open up a news feed to see what the Donnie has done today. Sure to be good for a casual facepalm.

News coverage of refugees crossing over into Canada, through the snow. In Quebec, no less; worth mention because they were helped in handling their belongings at the fence by the RCMP. Not what most people imagine, when they hear that old adage about the Mounties always getting their man. Not what most people imagine when they hear “border security”. Completely in keeping with our national belief in the polite way to greet a visitor. On the flip side, the press is warning Canadians that life on the other side of that border isn’t “just like here”. Be prepared to give up a few of your rights when you cross the great divide.

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