10th February 2017

There will be a do-over

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There was, it seems, a storm last night. I was on standby, but by daybreak the outcome was clear. A bit of snow on the ground. Actually, only on the front walk. How does that work? In the back of the house, no new levels to report (or shovel). There will be another one, later in the weekend. A do-over, if you will. Maybe the snow shoes will finally come out of storage.

With everything closed, it didn’t matter. The blue tractor stopped by and we could have wandered away during the afternoon (but we didn’t). Going to the mall is not as much fun after you get to my age (and my wallet).

However, I did get back onto that Raspberry Pi project, and the third time around I think I have a win. With Runeaudio, the whole setup was smooth. The configuration of streamed radio and “songs from the hard drive” went smoothly. The sound quality was smooth (yes, it was). Based on my last few hours, I think I now have a dedicated audio player. Back in the box, Mo0de and Volumio; the original is better than the copies.

I even managed to get the Airplay function going, although there is some latency on the YouTube audio. For strictly listening to some of the seemingly endless supply of music… good to go.

Now to get back to regular things; collecting the dog’s escaped fur has been mentioned, along with a list of other “around the house” jobs. And, of course, the snow drift on the front walkway.

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