14th January 2017

An aggravation

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The risk with data mining is that “they” might notice me. I logged into my satellite provider’s website this afternoon, in part to check that our recent payment had been registered. And, while there, I decided to check on what it could cost me if I wanted to add a channel or two.

First of all, too much. For a couple of weekends watching the rocks sliding, I’m unwilling to add several hundred dollars to my yearly billing. I can imagine the “hurry, hard” for much less than that, and perhaps there’ll be highlights on social media. But let’s ask the real question here: why is it so expensive. Seriously.

I’ll stick to my routine.

The temperature dropped again, and that leads to an aggravation. The drain line from the sump pump freezes, outside. Probably a little bit of ice, but the perfect dam. The pump kicks in, and I’m forced to bail about fifty litres of cloudy waters to restore equilibrium. And then all will be good until the next big thaw/freeze cycle. Sooner or later, I’ll have a moment of inspiration, and I’ll figure out how to prevent the plugged line (I suspect it has something to do with the term “catenary”, which describes those five or six little arcs in the hose. Perhaps some PVC (rigid) at a few degrees of downhill inclination. Of course, this is a project for next summer; for now, I’ll remain attentive to what should be free of intervention. All part of the getting settled in a new house process.

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