13th January 2017

Serving Pi on the TV

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I like pie. Raspberry Pi, that is. Have a few, destined to do great things if ever I decide to have a productive day. In fact, this afternoon my first dedicated unit went into play.

The new TV has a Roku unit built into the hardware. Our older TV/big computer monitor needed to do something similar, and with a careful Google request, I learned that there is a Plex client that is already configured for an older Pi. In my case, that “2” which I purchased a while back. Has a case and everything.

Getting the memory card ready is an easy thing. Putting all the configuration lines into good order, a bit more challenging. I’m still not ready to call this project done, but I am able to watch movies in the basement, and listen to the sound as either TV audio or headphones. If I can make the jump to the set of sound monitors, I’ll advertise the viability to family members. After all, a complete Pi is down to under $90 CDN (Oh, how I hate our devalued loonie).

The media server (Plex) could also be set up on a Pi, but for now I’ll leave that on my laptop/external drive combination. After getting things to work, there’s no sense in going all “change for the sake of change”. Better to get this one stable and move on to more inventive Pi stuff. There’s a lot of written/web based information available to anyone that wants to play with new technologies. Who knows what the IoT holds?


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