22nd November 2016

Maintaining control

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Authorities go to great lengths to maintain control over speed limits. I might have found a method.

Today, I ran a small test. I noticed a Mountie car directly behind me, when I turned homeward from the bypass. Through a series of speed limit changes: 70 to 60 to 70 to 80 to 90. You know, I must have provided good example or something, because the officer was able to respect the limits for more than 25 km. Never exceeded. Never lagged. By extrapolation, all we need to do to keep things “right” is to provide a model for those who pilot the “government race cars”.

Had another eye appointment, this morning. The doctor must have been satisfied, because I don’t have to return for another eight months. And my prescription remains unchanged (although expensive). Sweet!

The dog was fascinated by my bagging kibble into daily portions. I did this, after assuring that he had already gone through a bowlful, so this was curiosity rather than fear of missing out on the feeding frenzy.

Trying to set priorities. What do I need, to get through almost a week away from my stuff? How many shirts? What computing gear? (probably the iPad and an ebook reader)? Can the lack of a proper camera be covered? What about music?

I think there were snow flurries, on the way back from the city. Nothing that stayed around, so it might have been really sticky rainfall, but we are do for a change of seasons. Oh, and I now have all the sockets required to retorque my wheels. Thank you, Princess Auto!

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