13th October 2016

The affirmation of a generation

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Call it the affirmation of a generation: Bob Dylan is now the Nobel Laureate in Literature. I’m willing to bet that nobody saw that one coming.

I’ve been aware of his efforts for most of my life. Learned a few of his songs, along the way. I’d just never made the connection between music and a Nobel prize, before. Can’t think of anyone else that could take his place on the podium (is there a podium?)

I won’t claim to have such heady aspirations, but today I moved things around in the basement, and now I have a DAW in place. The microphones and other neat toys will be next to escape from their containers. I even took the time to “capture” a few random notes from the fake Strat (and play them back). Now to get busy, and inspired.

The climb uphill will be long, as I try to move from my “what if?” period (which has lasted for a lifetime) into my “listen to this!” period. I’ll try to use headphones, where possible, but in the same way that you can’t bake a cake without cracking a few eggs, you can’t create music silently. Yes, I know… John Cage. Doesn’t count.

So, should I plan, or simply record? Can I move from noise to noticeable? Does anybody really care? After all, there are a lot of other talented individuals out there. The difference is that this time around, if I don’t like it, I can’t blame anyone else. Or change the channel. Don’t worry. I’ll keep this as a silent space.


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