12th October 2016

Slightly soaked, or something more

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For over a decade, I’ve logged into my administrator pages (here) using SSL. Supposed to make a difference, although some things are done more as an act of faith. Anyhow, the system worked; until this morning. Suddenly, an error screen, showing that the site I was trying to access might not be, well, here. I looked, and then I called up the support system at the host provider.

The person (ghost, Turing machine?) at the other end said that “it was normal”, since I wasn’t paying for an SSL access. I had to prove that I was who I claimed to be, though. I’m guessing here, since there was no clear answer provided, but this sounds like a classic up-sell strategy. I’m going with the local choice of “allow an exception”. After all, it’s their server. If they feel safe, then so do I.

Looking at the hundreds of photos coming online from Cape Breton and their big weather weekend. We lucked out, here. A difference of 150 km between “slightly soaked” and “swimming for safety”. And, of course, most insurers don’t cover rainfall damage. One of the times when snow is really much nicer.

The Tory scramble for the big chair has one less person in the race, as Tony Clements decides to withdraw. Actually, there’s only one paid entrant, to date ($50K !!), but as the deadline approaches there may be other contenders. Almost like eBay bidding fever, I imagine.  Or maybe they’ll all decide to wait it out, and Rona can keep the temporary sweater for another few years.


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