7th February 2018

Bemused is not amused

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Want to get my dog excited? Be a fox, and walk by his house during daylight hours. While he accepts, barely, that there are wild things in the night, daytime is a whole other issue. Not only does he smell the visitor, he can see it (and this is not a sharp-eyed dog, by any means). Eventually, we’re going to have “close encounter” and I haven’t a clue about how things will go.

It could be worse, right? Foxes don’t spray their way to glory. They rarely eat the competition. No need to lock down the refuse bin lids. All in all, welcomed at good Island homes everywhere.

Looking at the long range forecasts, and this might be the winter that wasn’t. One week into February, with a light powder of snow cover. Actually, folks are starting to worry. What about next summer, when ground water will be important. Tiny potatoes? Wells that suck sand? Strawberries without volume?  And if you happen to have a snow sled, forget that noise.  I’ll accept to pay for a season of no-plow, but only because the service is one that I want to keep, looking forward. Next year could be a whole different game.

Watching the dog skid out and slide into the front steps, I realize that this isn’t great going for him, either. Dogs with crutches? Not something I want to see. I’ve told him to slow down, walk like a penguin; he seems bemused (and that is not synonymous with amused). A dog’s life, in real time.

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