6th February 2018

Novel approach to parking a car

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Based on a news story from CBC, this evening, I believe I have been “not profiled”. The minds at CSIS have determined that someone who cleans up around their house, pays down their debts and adapts a more healthy physical regime might actually be a sleeper terrorist. For the record (other than sleepy), I fit none of the above characteristics.

This last couple of days, people have posted videos showing how their dog reacts when a hen’s egg is placed inside the muzzle. These dogs were all physically large enough to complete the feat, which rules out those of you with TacoBell or frizzy poodle pets. Anyhow, some dogs show great patience and dexterity. Others… not so much. Based on what I’ve seen, I’ll be keeping all of our eggs for omelettes. My mooch/pooch would be a failure in this game.

Went for milk and a bird feeder this morning. And sunflower seeds. None of the items on this list have any combined form, but it shows that we care for our feathered friends. A new bird feeder? I think the industry should award this house with some special award. We have gone through a number of models (and none last more than a season or two). Of course, I recently heard about city birds that dismantled a feeder and took the wires away as nesting materials, so MY flock is docile, by comparison.

Elon Musk launched a huge rocket (the SpaceX Falcon Heavy), this morning, and put a Tesla Roadster into orbit. I’m still waiting to find out why.

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