4th February 2018

Unable to see the free (feed)

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Watching free TV, without a TV, is not as simple as I had thought. Although I pay for satellite service, I wondered if the “big game” was available in my browser. And it is, if you jump through enough hoops. That pesky user name and password for my provider leaves me at a loss, every time.

Rant mode on. If the commercials are there to “pay” for the TV service, and if I’m willing to watch those commercials, why would it matter if I use my available bandwidth on the flatscreen or my laptop? Is it all about counting eyeballs; if so, just add two more for me (OK, 1 and a bit) and call it square. Round it up, if it helps. Just play the game, before I’m dependent on YouTube reports. I’m not even very interested by the football. Just the ads. For an hour or two. And then, I’ll go to bed, amazed by the magic of the marketing people.

Didn’t do much else, today. Really, a fail when it comes to taking things off my bucket list. Any other list. In fact, other than some quality scratch time for the dog, this wasn’t much of a day to brag about. We’re waiting on some heavy rain, so I’ve been down to make sure the sump is ready. The story of my life.

Just checked the game stats; after almost a quarter, nothing much seems to have happened. My interpretation skills aren’t as honed as they once were, but if the word “touchdown” doesn’t appear, I assume the game is just moving up and down the field toward an inevitable final whistle.

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