10th December 2017

At the end of a very long week

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Nine days: a very long week. Or in other terms, the amount of time required to confirm what many (of us) already knew. The best group of rock chuckers in Canada, under the rules of curling for women, will hereby be known as Olympic Team Homan.

I watched a lot of games this week, in keeping with my busy schedule. Not every game, but certain days I managed to fit in three of them. Hours and hours of knuckle-biting tension. In the end, it came down to the final stone, as Rachel Homan and her ‘mates kept their cool on the ice and finished the final game. Victoriously.

Moments after the victory, thanks to Twitter.

Now, this is not the only week of curling on my schedule; the Scotties begin on the 27th of January. And regardless of what team comes out on top, we know who will make the trek to South Korea within the fortnight. My fervent hope (beyond any dreams of a podium moment) is that the various matches will be available within the constraints of my sat package, and that the telecasts won’t fall in the zero dark thirty period each day.

Until then, hurrah for the champions!

There was a snow storm, overnight. Just not here. I saw some surprising pictures from the west end of the Island (plow banks!), but here, apart from some wet flurries, it was just unpleasant. According to the dog… he volunteers to inspect the yard on a regular basis each night, and I let him bring back proof of precipitation. After all, a simple shake and he’s ready to reclaim his half of the bedstead.

Almost as a footnote: the men’s championship just ended, and we now have Olympic Team Koe.

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