6th November 2017

Additional training required

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I don’t always “get” our weather guy jokes; this evening, he said that if the precipitation over the next few days seems to be white in colour… must be an upper Canada thing.

One of the garden tents did not make it through the night. Once the wind dies down (tomorrow), I’ll go on a recovery mission. Try to reassemble the frame and patch any non-feature openings. Good thing the growing season is ending.

A lot of shocked people in Montreal, following yesterday’s municipal elections. They’ve got a new mayor! In Quebec, a lot of shocked people as they’ve got the same mayor! One of my sons didn’t get his voter registration completed and I’ve told him that he’s not solely responsible; the least I could do as his father is to reassure him on governmental fundamentals.

Here (as in here, in Canada) another release of details about tax shelters affirms that the people in high places aren’t there for us. To claim we need better tax laws, while hiding your personal fortunes offshore strike me as disingenuous. That’s a great fifty cent word to describe five cent behaviour. Seriously. Perhaps worse is the lack of remorse from the “big cheese” gang when their lapse in morals is made public.

And elsewhere? No, let’s not take that twisty trail. Nothing is fixed.

The best sound bite seen today? That sheepdog that herded the whole flock into the kitchen. The owner (master?) summarized things by noting that the dog might require some additional training. Do you think?

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