7th November 2017

Details of a habit

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Just out for my, trip of the day, where the community mailbox fights my key. I win. However, I might have to change into long pants, because it is Dark and Cold out there.

That wasn’t my only outdoor task, but the others were under a sunny sky this afternoon. I checked the generator, just because, and I recovered the garden tents. Too much like work to do anything else. Besides, the tents (never do things singly) had to be given time for earwig escape. Gravity, if you please. Even if the struts are hollow pipes, there’ll be no playing a trumpet air on my watch.

Quebec has decided to go with their notwithstanding defence, in the great “lose your hijab” battle. The law (new and untested) is likely to lose when a constitutional push comes to shove, so the government is girding for that battle. With the combined might of the elected and the opposition, they intend to show the rest of the world that they take this “see your face” trip seriously. I don’t get it, but then I rarely do. Taught by nuns, I’ve always consider the coif, wimple, bib and other details of a habit to be cool.  Not sure if nuns still cover up, but under the new law, they might be forced to “modernize”. No secrets allowed, etc. As for other religions… well, there is religion and there is culture. Quebec is simply protecting the latter.

After all, governments can pass worse laws. What if guns were culturally significant?


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