5th September 2017

Metrology is my weakness

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I think I have a weakness for metrology. Unable to make an accurate measurement, so the analysis is subjective, but I can live with that. As long as I have an accurate clock, and an accurate thermometer, and accurate scales, and an accurate gas gauge, life is good.

Today, the car went for service and inspection. Mandatory inspection. Along the way, a faulty wheel bearing was discovered and now my world is topsy-turvy. You see, the gas measurement gadget is stuck. I know, because I pumped nearly a third of a tankful of fuel (there’s a price hike announced).

Not the end of the world; after all, the garage is working on the project (sensor cemented in place, will have to come out with force and then be replaced). But… there’s a road trip planned for tomorrow. I’m not on the manifest, but I’ll be worried that the false information coming from the control panel will trick the driver. Could find the car slowing to a halt, far from a proper “roadside halt”. Etc. I could load the red container of lawn mower fuel as reserve, but this is a shopping trip; the space is at a premium. I’ll be anxious until nightfall, tomorrow.

Funny how that works. I can guess at the time (by the angle of the sun). I can guess at the temperature (by baring skin, selectively). Weight doesn’t matter much. However, that gas gauge is the only useful feedback system in the whole car. Not reassuring. And no, I don’t stick sticks in the tank anymore. Learned that mistake, with prejudice.


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