4th September 2017

Time to pitch some pits around

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Checked the vessel traffic display earlier, and was surprised to see no ships within range. Zero traffic. Of course, this is Labour Day. The air traffic display shows business as usual, now that it’s getting dark outside.

We’re in the final full day of the Big Visit, and the activity levels have plummeted. A lot of chilling in front of the TV. Now, the kitchen table is hosting some sort of epic card game that involves sheep and castles. Not where my personal interests lie, but I do get to hear the dialogue.

Not much else to report. We’re heading straight into the calms of autumn. Once the house empties, and I’ve put away all the extra dishes, I’ll be left wishing they’d all just turn around and come back. Not to be, but wishing is cheap. As an empty-nester, I’m starting to understand the sentiments of my own parents (albeit, that place has never been empty for more than a few hours).

No climate change? Tell that to the man in Vancouver who is getting his first crop of bananas in his back yard. According to the botanical experts, nothing is impossible. There are photos, as proof, and it has been warm on the left coast. OK, very warm. I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to follow up with my own bunches here, at least not this season. I’m still wondering about peaches, though. Need to pitch a few pits around and see if anything happens. We do have a (single) blueberry bush.

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