28th August 2017

Distractions required

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Keeping the houseful of people distracted requires a lot of (my) resources. That quarter moon with starry background? Not enough. Multiple movies on multiple screens? Barely. Without cellphones, the world would slow, wobble, halt.

The blame is, in part, my own. I could have offered some old magazines (works in waiting rooms, everywhere). The dog, despite his advanced age, could have learned a new trick or two. There’s always community singing, although my hymnal collection went to a used book emporium several years ago. And so, without a hiccup, I offered new media. Unlimited, within reason.

Meanwhile, another glass hit the floor (just now). Ceramic tile offers no bounce, unlike the old carpets in the old place. Now, more than ever, I regret my urgent dumping of plastic mugs. The kids are gone, I told myself. Oh well…

Went out with the dog for a wander up the road. At a certain time of day (after nightfall) the auto traffic drops to dribs and drabs. I can see them coming, a kilometer either direction. Could this be why the coyotes also wait for moonrise? Is it just a question of pedestrian safety?

The most recent rainfall totals from the Houston area mention a meter of standing water. Makes a mess out of pretty much everything. The nation waits to see what the Man on the Hill will do, if and when he visits. Safe bet that his toes won’t get wet.

Started trying to sort out the drum machine market. You never know when a beat can make a difference.


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