29th August 2017

(They) Plugged in the extension cord today

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Our public utility had a big moment today; they plugged in the new extension cord, and my lights didn’t even flicker. At least, I don’t think so. I try to keep lights turned off during the day, given the price of grid electricity. 180MW, which means that there wasn’t a single cord in stock at Canny Tire that would have sufficed.

Meanwhile, I came close to running out of white powder. No, nothing illicit. Dishwasher soap. With all the extra mouths around the table, I’m running the machine a lot more. My preference is for “yellow box” brand, so I made a special trip to Souris to get the last that they had in the store. Of course, I bought a few other things, in order to rationalize the cost of my trip. Penny wise and pound foolish, etc.

The Trump and his trumpet are down to Houston. Sightseeing. As the FLOTUS, she dressed for the rising waters; five inch stiletto heels. And he had a hat with the USA logo, in case someone should mistake him for an illegal alien. Social media never misses, with this crowd in place.

I’m reassured to learn that our own government is keeping an eye on the posturing out of N-Korea. That should lower the risk of global thermonuclear conflict. Or at least keep the Happy Ways gang distracted from life (my life). What would my country do, if things went bad? Send in the polars bears? Not clear, from here. The news story from CBC was classic “On the Fence”.

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