16th April 2017

Need to number them

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I miss the good old days. Specifically, that time in my life when today would have meant chocolate, presented in various animal shapes. Today, no ears on offer.

Looks like trout season is open, based on the number of cars parked by small bridges in the area. If I wasn’t so lazy (or had been fueled by cheap chocolate), I too could have wet a line. The fish aren’t large, but with enough of them, fried crisp, you can claim to have received a meal “direct from Nature’s bounty”. Actually, I think I know where the family rods are stashed, but I haven’t seen a hook in ages. They probably sell stuff like that in local stores. The hooks, I mean.

Still transporting squirrels; had two more free riders today. Pretty good deal, where we feed them and then provide a lift to a nearby glen for a new life. I keep hoping that will be the outcome. Until we decide on a way to “mark” the wee beasties, we’re relying on our abilities to recognize one from the other. Problem is, they look much the same. Paint a number on the flank and wait for the “race results”. See if #3 gets back before his kin. We could have our own census stats, and provide betting for the locals who don’t have access to more traditional gambling dens.

Another Korean missile launch and crash. Hard to think of their efforts as anything more than amateur hour. If they do surprise us with something horrific, we’re going to be a surprised bunch.

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