7th December 2016

Unexpected rebate

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Had my first cupful from the new machine, and it was good. Calm has been restored at our house. It helped that, while looking for something unrelated, I noticed that our machine had gone on sale overnight, with a reduction in price of about 25%. We called their hotline; an instant rebate was ours for simply showing up at the store, today, and presenting the original sales slip. Even the dog loves that kind of rationale for a road trip, and within a couple of hours our machine became an even better value.

Of course, we didn’t leave any extra pennies behind. There are new computing toys to unbox, probably tomorrow. Have to figure out how best to take a backup of some laptop data first.

Happened to meet up with an old friend while shopping, and caught up on bits and bites of the news. Including the recent “soon to be a bionic man” status of another friend. The hospital was on the road homeward, so we stopped in there for a little bit. Hoping to see “dancing” videos online in the new year. And, this being the Island, we met two other frequent visitors to our house.

Still need to get the yard ready for winter. Maybe tomorrow. My list includes putting the hose canister away (dry) and the tractor inside (best practices). Other than that, I feel confident that any impending snow storm will provide opportunities for photos and not much else. Oh, and the BBQ should be moved into the garage; you know, for a midwinter steak fry-up.


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