13th March 2018

Another One Bites The Dust

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On the radio, a song from Queen: Another One Bites The Dust. The right choice for the moment, as we learn that the American Secretary of State was just fired, via Twitter. In one sentence, a succinct description of the evolution (devolution?) of their political system. Someday, there’ll be a movie (the books have already started to appear).

Here, my weather forecast map has also evolved: from yellow, to red, to grey. This will be recorded as the winter that wasn’t. Another storm, downgraded before the first flake falls. Sure, we might get some wind overnight… we get wind (here) most nights. Part of the charm. Outside, the ground is bare, or nearly so. I did have to scrape the windows before my morning grocery run. Still, not one for the record books, unlike three years ago. If we can get through mud season, the summer will be a given.

We have another postulant to the fourth party, provincially. Hardly seems worth the effort. In a province where one and two swap flags, over and over again, and three is making a run up the middle, four is not likely to “win big” any time soon. I watched the interview on the evening news, cognizant that this was another person with unfulfilled dreams.

I guess you’ve figured it out; I’m a bystander in politics. Quick to comment (and mock). Not apt to enter the fray. I know where my chances of success lie, and other than the dog, I have no loyal supporters. Consider me as part of the 99%.


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