10th February 2018

So many varieties of olive oil!

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I did it. I left the house and went into the big city, and my world didn’t collapse in ruin. Might have to go again, as soon as the ice melts away.

We didn’t have much of a list to justify going over an hour away; they sell thermometers in the local hardware store. And I didn’t need to sit in a restaurant and have an excellent meal of curried lamb; with the right selection of ingredients, I can whip up a mean curry in my own kitchen. It was more the “need a change of scenery”. Even the dog agreed, which is why he stayed very close to me until  he actually had a place in the car.

And so, with CBC as soundtrack, we were in the box store neighbourhood before the hunger pangs intensified. I waited out the main shopping spree, and then we went to the city center where parking is free on Saturdays. I know… the parking out by the malls is always free. Don’t argue!

Paid a visit to a healthy food store I used to frequent a generation ago. Same site, but the product line has moved from local cheese to walls of small plastic bottles that promise the body you never thought possible. We opted for some yogurt starter and left with our wallet still useful.

Checked out the olive oil shop; too much variety, thank you. I would have to develop a much more refined palette to ever really shop there.

And then, lunch. As I said, Indian food. Really good Indian food. (Jalfrezi lamb with naan).This place will merit a return trip.

And I now have a new thermometer.

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