9th February 2018

Game on, Winter World

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Took three hours, but I can affirm that there are real Games going forward in Pyeongchang County. The full show, including a big-ass torch and lots of seats.  A big show, if I could “make it”.

You see, I knew the start date, and the broadcast time left me aghast. How would I ever get myself into a comfortable chair, at 05h30 and then not fall straight back asleep? Well, there must be others with the same worry, because I had no difficulty in finding a rebroadcast. After lunch, thank you. The better part of the afternoon, but I had time to complete my personal Games beforehand. The Household Games: vacuuming, dishes, bed, dog care.

This kind of thing only happens every four years, but there’s lots of eye candy. Multi-media, costumes, a parade with hundreds of people (and countries). Flags galore. Why, they even threw some Gangnam into the soundtrack (the lad from Jamaica was really getting into the whole thing.) Yes, there was a strong political undercurrent, but that’s life on the world geopolitical stage. Think of the Games as a distorted match of Risk, if you must.

Raising a giant flag – at least there was no nasty drop on the ground. The final run-up to lighting the cauldron – spectacular. The speeches? Forget the speeches… And with everything now ticking like a fine clock, we have seventeen days to prepare for the next big performance – The Official Closing Ceremony. In between, too many skaters and people who jump with skis. There will be, as a balance, lots of curling. Fully 45% of the CBC coverage, apparently. Which reminds me, there should be a match on right now!

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