13th January 2018

A world in grey

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Outside, there wasn’t much to see. Heavy fog turned my world into a grey shadowy place. Didn’t matter, really. I knew where I wanted to go, and on a weekend, the traffic was minimal. Having got up early for the dog, I simply had an early breakfast before heading (off? up? down? unsure…) to town.

On my list, a few groceries and a refill for one of my twice-a-day eyedrop prescriptions. Having made a list and planned my route, I was done and home within the ninety minutes calculated. Park by instinct, go back inside and wait for the day to unfold. One plus: no need for sunscreen.

We waited through the day for the announced frontal passage and freezing rain (modulated to a “flash freeze” by the weather site). Nothing. No, really. Up west, floods followed by frost. Over across, a real storm system. For us… by the time we departed to our trivial evening, the temperature was still in double digits.

Of course, things cooled off during our exercise in recall, but the dog didn’t appear to be stressed by a quiet evening on his car blanket. We were home before the evening news, with a third place collection of random confectionaries. My life in the “less fast” lane.

Now I’m ready to catch up on the day’s news, or read another section of the Wolff book before bedtime. This is what retirement is really all about. Stretching the day out with a short list of (dare I say it?) trivial details.

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