3rd January 2018

With all the comforts of home

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You want to know what is better than spending the day in your car? Getting to your destination!

I’m home, after a fortnight away. Happily. I don’t have that lust to voyage that so many brag about. Perhaps it’s genetic. Anyhow, when the car pulled up in our driveway, and I went inside with the first load of luggage, I was a “happy camper”; no tent involved. We stayed in three different provinces, tasted food and cold temperatures in five. Managed to get where we wanted to be without major incidents of “lost in the woods”. Kept the feet dry.

This morning, we were out of the motel with all of our belongings before 06h30. Beat the traffic on the bridge. Managed to see a good sunrise. Stared, in amazement, at the effects of really cold air on smoke stack plumes. Failed to spot a single police vehicle, or a train. Just road, road, road.

Which, I want to mention, was bare pavement for the whole thousand kilometers. Not a simple statement, up here in the Great White North. If tomorrow’s storm forecast changes into storm reality, the snow might be here until spring. No matter; I don’t want to travel again before then.

And now, the simple comforts of home. Wading through two weeks of listserver messages. Washing all my clothes from the trip, to avoid salt stain permanence (me, in black jeans, near a car? Paint your own picture). I should eat, but I’m still not ready for that final domestic step. Maybe in five or ten minutes…

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