13th December 2017

Red vs Blue

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Who needs to watch sports, when we have politics. Red vs Blue. Technical fouls. Fans that are fanatics. Last night, that battle down in “the South” came down to the usual winner/loser, even if the loser (in so many senses) claims that he won’t accept the victory of his opponent until after an official recount. No matter. It was just a game, right. In fact, I’m already waiting for the next matchup. Pity that I can’t find a season schedule.

Got rid of a tiny stone, this afternoon. Hope it buys me a few more months of relief.

The weather today was abnormal. High winds. Temperature up to 11C. Heavy rain. Not your ordinary fare for December. Meanwhile, the next region over has been in a winter storm for two days now. Heard from someone at the school board that no snow day was called, but travel time into the office exceeded three hours. Do I miss that? Hardly.

In the provincial legislature, a second “green” MLA was sworn in, today. The Red vs Blue, locally, now has Green as a player (OK, two players). Can’t wait to see if the “normal” can now vary, if only slightly, from the usual predictable crap. We’ll be heading into the holiday recess, any day now. Ditto for Ottawa. As for the municipal world, they don’t do things in a predictable way.

One last political complaint. Health Canada has decided not to ban wire BBQ brushes. Who lobbies FOR peritonitis? Especially for a product that comes from the other side of the planet.

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