4th November 2017

An opinion on politics

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I’m sure it is nurture, not nature. My three sons are all able to hold an opinion on municipal politics, which is a good sign for their future. I asked for predictions on the election tomorrow, and although there was nuance, Quebec City might be in for a wind of change. I’ll be waiting on the results, probably via Twitter. Just like college football, that’s my goto for information that will never make it into local media. Oh yes, the Rouge et Or had another big day, and they’re in the Coupe Dunsmore, next week, against their cross-province rivals the Carabins. Just like other years…

This evening, I decided to try my genealogy software’s hint feature. Found myself wandering in the online archives from the Netherlands; despite a slight language barrier, I managed to fill out the tree for a neighbour, and add to the knowns for my nephew. Great fun, and the only cost is time.

Speaking of time, before the clocks go wonky during the night, we’re back in cuckoo land here. A heritage piece made it onto the wall, to replace the “other one” that fell silent several decades back. Sigh. I’m going into that phase where someone/something wakes me every hour on the hour. Not the dog. A mechanical bird. How long until I start fine-tooth combing the provincial regulations and deciding on the calibre of choice? Sleep deprivation is a cruel thing to do to an old(er) man.

And we were on genny power this afternoon, after a pole in the area caught fire.

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