19th September 2017

Sliding into autumn

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We’re sliding into autumn. Yesterday, on the way north through the province, some of the trees had already changed colours. In the garden, a bumper crop of tomatoes (varied shapes, sizes, colours). A change in the bird count around the place. Dark at an early hour (everything is comparative). Software updates, galore.

Yes, even the iPad looks different, now that iOS 11 is installed. The little iPhone doesn’t seem to show a need, which is probably a symptom of “too old to matter”. I like when my stuff gets a new coat of virtual paint and things don’t break.

Did some admin work, by signing a series of cheques for my local group. You mean people get paid because I said so?? How cool is that?

In the outside world (note my avoidance of the term “real”), the president of a really big, really powerful nation stood in the UN general assembly and stated his willingness to destroy another country. Used to be, that was a bad thing to do. Now the world just shrugs and waits for the next stupid thing to come along. My kids tell me that I should relax, enjoy this retired status (while I still can). Do you think they might be stressed?

Toys ‘R’ Us is filing for bankruptcy.

And in universities, students are trying to deal with the concept of student debt. That thing where you owe “about a year’s salary” by the time you graduate. Hey, been there, done that. Just relax, take it easy. All will be paid, before you grow old.

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