16th February 2017

Solve a problem, find a (different) problem

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Another month… OK, another two months tops. Certainly not three, before I have to start looking at getting the lawn tractor ready for another season of circling the property. The closures, Island wide, today; didn’t  affect me. After all, the big blue tractor was by, to make sure we were free of any new drifting. It was my choice to stay by, waiting for the call that I was a millionaire, or a senator, or whatever else my phone could deliver.

What really did seem to send shivers through the social media, today, was a press conference by the POTUS. I read the transcript, twice. Sorry, but no intelligence slipped in to the diatribe. The concept of parallel universes may be proven, soon. Hang in there, neighbours; only three point nine more years to go.

So, what else? Well, yesterday morning I solved my problem with the weather camera uploads. And right on schedule, lost the feed from the camera. Who knows why? I reloaded the image file, and tried to duplicate my lost setup. Not too much progress. I lost interest, temporarily, what with a good restaurant meal and a need for more sleep. Maybe, maybe tomorrow. I’ll try to document things. If I’m really lucky, I’ll find where I stored those screen-shots that show what my working profile actually “said”. Miracles happen. If not, I’ll get a second lesson in the ways to make Win 10 and Linux converse. Maybe I really just want to admit that a webcam isn’t a priority in my household.

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